PSB Integrated Marketing is a Happy Place, Thanks to Its “Fun Team”

Posted on May 17, 12 in News Press Releases

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Orange County, CA: There aren’t a lot of dull days at PSB Integrated Marketing. Is it any surprise that the same people who published a recipe booklet called “Find Your Happy Place” also have an office “Fun Team?”

Creative people thrive in lively work environments, so having fun in the office can be serious business for marketing professionals. In addition to reducing stress and encouraging creative thinking, office camaraderie can boost morale, develop teamwork, increase employee retention and enhance productivity.

But at PSB, it’s mostly about the fun.

Six employees volunteer for the Fun Team: three designers, two account managers, and one administrator. The group was created several years ago and employees alternate participation. Art Director Molly Hervey works close together with Office Administrator Amy Walton to head up the events. When Molly took maternity leave, Amy stepped in as the organizer. “Molly was on leave over the holidays, so we needed someone to head the team for Thanksgiving and Christmas,” says Walton. “Now that she’s back in the office, we are co-chairs.”

The team maintains a list of all birthdays, so no employee’s special day goes unnoticed. Celebrations include balloons, streamers, banners, and posters created by the designers. And birthdays are only the beginning.

Halloween celebrations include a costume contest, a potluck lunch, and “Secret Boo Baskets” with treats shared anonymously. Employees adorn their cubicles with fake spider webs and other spooky décor.

Traditional holiday fare gets a California makeover with a Thanksgiving Chili Cook-off and December Holiday Fiesta with tacos. Winter Wonderland Week also features Secret Santa gifts, a Crazy Christmas Outfit contest, a prize for the best-decorated cubicle, and Super Casual Friday, when everyone wears pajamas to work.

Charitable donations are a focus, as well. Employees donate to the company’s canned foods drive through November and December, and new toys are collected for underserved children in the community.

“Employees love the company drives, lunches and contests,” says Walton. “It’s a fun way to interact with team members you might not work with on a daily basis. It brings a good sense of community.”

The only complaints are about the candy. “People say they eat too much of it,” explains Walton. “But then again, they complain when we run out!”

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