PSB Demystifies the Art of Effective Marketing with 5Points Creative Brief

Posted on Jan 1, 12 in News Press Releases

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Orange County, CA: We’ve all heard the stories about those high-gloss, high-cost marketing campaigns that fall flat. The product was good. The photography was beautiful. The copy was clever. But the promotion failed to generate results. What went wrong?

PSB Integrated Marketing, a marketing communications firm specializing in financial services marketing, solves this problem by asking the right questions from the start. The questions are part of their 5Points Creative Brief. The purpose of this new Creative Brief is to avoid the most common pitfalls in marketing: sending a muddled message…appealing to the wrong audience…or using an ineffective medium to reach the target audience.

“The key to good marketing is to keep it simple and focused,” says PSB President, Mark DeBellis, “to this end, the 5Points Creative Brief is just a single page. It’s completed by a PSB account manager after consulting with the client.

Specifically, the 5 points consist of the five key questions involving Objective, Target Audience, Message, Medium, and Special Instructions. By delineating these aims for each project, the Creative Brief acts as a guide for the creative team at PSB. The completed brief lives online inside PSB’s client dashboard called eSource. Here, everyone on the client side along with PSB’s creative team has 24/7 access to the brief, which can be referenced or printed out as needed. This ensures that each project stays on course from start to finish.

“Defining your aims from the outset might seem obvious,” DeBellis adds, “but it’s surprising how easy it is to lose sight of this basic principle when devising the details of a promotion especially in a highly competitive and often reactive environment like financial services marketing. At PSB, we encourage our clients to really think about what they want the promotion to achieve; what is the single, most important message they want to communicate; who are they talking to, and just as important – is there internal company buy-in on the objectives? Marketing managers are finding these tools to be very empowering.”

“The more our clients can tell us about their target audience, the better and more effective their marketing campaign will be. Using the 5Points Creative Brief as a guide, our creative team can then use the demographics and psychographics of a target group to create a look and tone that will appeal to them; and a design that will immediately get the main message across.”

These considerations apply to projects of all sizes at PSB, from a single postcard to a multi-faceted advertising campaign. A financial product, for example, that is aimed at consumers with young children will have a very different look from a product that is geared for those near retirement. Similarly, the psychographics of shared beliefs, habits and attitudes – such as those of risk-takers vs. conservative investors – will impact how a product is presented.

Finally, the new Creative Brief is the simplest way to ensure that all client requirements are followed. Brand guidelines such as colors, fonts and layout; corporate logos or required logos (like Equal Housing Lender); and contact details are all in one place, in a single file.

PSB Integrated Marketing specializes in providing award-winning agency-quality solutions faster and more effectively than most traditional resources. PSB works with clients of all sizes as both a primary provider to marketers and as an adjunct to in-house marketing teams. As a full-service provider, PSB offers creative concepts, graphic design and layout, in-house prepress, and on-site lithographic/digital printing, bindery in addition to secured mail house services in their Orange County, CA facility.