CUneXus/Loan Generator Product Mentioned as “Most Innovative” New Product

Posted on Sep 24, 14 in News Press Releases

Orlando, FL

Over 500 financial industry leaders gathered at the recent 2014 Digital Insight Conference to evaluate new and exciting programs to help clients build their company sales, services and profits.

Among the many programs on display, one was chosen by attendees as a truly innovative new product. The Loan Generator from CUneXus/PSB was touted for it’s innovative use of the online banking platform as a tool for generating loans.

Following the recent launch of the program, interest throughout the country is growing as institutions look for new ways to engage and grow relationships and sales.

CUneXus President Dave Buerger explained that, “we are now in the expansion stages of our rollout and have a growing pipeline of interested institutions.”

At the conference, the firm shared results from the most recent case study from long-time PSB client, Educational Employees Credit Union in Fresno.

PSB President, Mark DeBellis explained, “this program is one of the most cost-effective means to grow lending relationships. We are so excited about the interest we received from the recent conference.”

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