Thanksgiving Art

Posted on Nov 26, 14 in Blog

Here’s how some famous artists might plate Thanksgiving meals: Vincent Van Gogh Piet Mondrian Magritte Mark Rothko Pablo Picasso Jackson Pollock Julian Schnabel Georges Seurat Andy Warhol Happy Thanksgiving!

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Tech Companies Leverage the Power of Print

Posted on Nov 24, 14 in Blog

What does it mean when technology based companies, sworn to the digital realm, rely on Direct Mail to gain traction?  It means print is a tried-and-true means to reach consumers and move product. Read Nitasha Tiku’s article here.

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Think, Feel, Do – the New Pillars for Marketing Success

Posted on Sep 23, 14 in Blog Financial

During the run up to the recession of 2008 marketing departments had already begun the transition of moving a greater percentage of their project activity in-house. It seemed to make sense at the time. The technology barriers were being eliminated as creative software became increasingly easier to use. For less than $1000 a marketing department […]

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IKEA Promotes a Modern Classic

Posted on Sep 8, 14 in Blog

With features like eternal battery life and Hi-Def pages that load instantly every time, it’s difficult to deny the power of IKEA’s bookbookTM

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Are You an Enlightened Marketer or a Neanderthal?

Posted on Aug 14, 14 in Blog

This weekend I was immersed in an intimate summit meeting to discuss Hispanic marketing. But this article isn’t about Hispanic marketing. It’s bigger. It’s more about an enlightened marketing agenda. Back to the meeting… I was surrounded by a roomful of very smart people. Disney. Price Waterhouse. American Express. Target. CVS. My good friend, Glenn […]

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How to Overcome Writer’s Block in One Simple Step

Posted on Jul 31, 14 in Blog

You need to write something and the words just aren’t flowing, or you re-write the same sentence over and over but it still doesn’t sound right.  You’re blocked. I’ve heard the suggestion to sleep on it or do something else then come back to it, but I often don’t have time for that.  Plus once […]

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Students Teach this Valuable Marketing Lesson

Posted on Jul 22, 14 in Blog

A recent study * conducted by Brigham Young University finds that when it comes to learning, print materials are superior to their digital counterparts. 74% of students surveyed indicated they learn better from print and 99% report that when trying to study on an electronic device, they are distracted by e-mails, social media and web surfing. If […]

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Will using big data create marketing racists?

Posted on Jul 15, 14 in Blog Financial

I don’t believe so. But the White House is worried about this. In a recent editorial by Thorin McGee, Editor-in-chief of Target Marketing Magazine, he presents the eventuality of a legislative reach by the Government to ensure that big data can’t be “misused” to target groups by race. These findings came out of a recent […]

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Happy Fourth of July! Freedom is Ours

Posted on Jun 30, 14 in Blog Financial

Summer is here. Time to fire up the barbeque, gather with family and friends, soak up some sun, and celebrate the Fourth of July! Sure, we all know the history behind this National Day commemorating our independence from British sovereignty, but what are we really celebrating? We are celebrating our inheritance of a precious gift- […]

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Facebook Slaps Marketers with Higher Ad Fees

Posted on May 20, 14 in Blog Financial

Facebook is revamping their pricing platform for business clients. Over the past few months, the popular social networking website has been reducing the organic reach of its pages, according to a recent report in Time magazine. It’s gonna cost you to talk to your followers Now, even if a person “Likes” a company or organization […]

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