Going Mobile: Tips on reaching consumers when they’re on the go.

Posted on Sep 24, 15 in Blog Financial

From The Loan Generator Mobile is still booming. People now spend more time on their smartphones than on their desktops and laptops combined. And the gap is widening. We are now officially past the smartphone tipping point. Now that users are in the mobile world, how do we get them into our mobile world? Here […]

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Speak their language and their channel. 3 keys to Generational Marketing.

Posted on Aug 28, 15 in Blog Financial

Re-blogged from The Loan Generator. Let’s open up with a big caveat. Grouping any person into a category can be dangerous. Broad conclusions like Millennials are glued to their phones, Boomers are brand loyal, and Gen Xers are cynical can lead to tired, stereotypical messaging. There is some power that comes with focus. And breaking […]

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Using Technology to create better member experiences

Posted on Aug 25, 15 in Financial

Re-blogged from The Loan Generator™ The bar keeps getting set higher. The expectations for superior service continue to grow. An investment in the right technology will help you meet and exceed consumer expectations. Consumers are more informed and more connected than ever. With the blinding speed of banking technology advancement and new online offerings, keeping […]

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Think, Feel, Do – the New Pillars for Marketing Success

Posted on Sep 23, 14 in Blog Financial

During the run up to the recession of 2008 marketing departments had already begun the transition of moving a greater percentage of their project activity in-house. It seemed to make sense at the time. The technology barriers were being eliminated as creative software became increasingly easier to use. For less than $1000 a marketing department […]

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Will using big data create marketing racists?

Posted on Jul 15, 14 in Blog Financial

I don’t believe so. But the White House is worried about this. In a recent editorial by Thorin McGee, Editor-in-chief of Target Marketing Magazine, he presents the eventuality of a legislative reach by the Government to ensure that big data can’t be “misused” to target groups by race. These findings came out of a recent […]

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Happy Fourth of July! Freedom is Ours

Posted on Jun 30, 14 in Blog Financial

Summer is here. Time to fire up the barbeque, gather with family and friends, soak up some sun, and celebrate the Fourth of July! Sure, we all know the history behind this National Day commemorating our independence from British sovereignty, but what are we really celebrating? We are celebrating our inheritance of a precious gift- […]

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Facebook Slaps Marketers with Higher Ad Fees

Posted on May 20, 14 in Blog Financial

Facebook is revamping their pricing platform for business clients. Over the past few months, the popular social networking website has been reducing the organic reach of its pages, according to a recent report in Time magazine. It’s gonna cost you to talk to your followers Now, even if a person “Likes” a company or organization […]

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Business Lessons from The Profit

Posted on Apr 17, 14 in Blog Financial

I love the new reality show on CNBC entitled The Profit. “The Profit” is Marcus Lemonis, a serial entrepreneur, highly successful corporate CEO and business leader. The show follows Marcus as he identifies struggling businesses and then invests his own money to turn them around. Marcus views his three pillars of success as People, Product […]

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The Dirty Little Secret about Electronic Newsletters

Posted on Mar 24, 14 in Blog Financial

Our company has been in the business of helping Credit Unions communicate with their membership for over 23 years. With our background in printed communications we have printed millions of newsletter issues over these years. And we produce a fair number of electronic newsletters for clients across the country as well. We’ve learned a few […]

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Member Development: Do you know your potential members by name?

Posted on Dec 20, 13 in Blog Financial

Captive membership organizations are blessed and cursed at the same time. Growth is tougher because of membership limitations. But at the same time, easier because of the common bond that exists. Without member growth, organizations perish as they fail to cover the natural business attrition. Many member organizations still practice a shotgun approach to their […]

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