‘Sail Away’ Credit Union Campaign

Posted on Nov 20, 15 in Blog

Originally posted by Storyboard. If you’re like most people, you have a handful of credit and debit cards. So, short of your bank bribing you, what would make you reach for one card rather than the other? Direct Mail Mobile Web That was the challenge faced by South Carolina Federal Credit Union (SCFCU), which wanted […]

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Highly Recommended – Growing through referral incentives.

Posted on Oct 6, 15 in Blog

From Loan Generator Incent, incent, incent. And after that, try using an incentive. In our over-cluttered, over-informed world, one of the best ways to grow it through referrals. If you think that think this strategy sounds like you’ll be paying people to sing your praises, you’d be right.   There’s no shame in rewarding people […]

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Going Mobile: Tips on reaching consumers when they’re on the go.

Posted on Sep 24, 15 in Blog Financial

From The Loan Generator Mobile is still booming. People now spend more time on their smartphones than on their desktops and laptops combined. And the gap is widening. We are now officially past the smartphone tipping point. Now that users are in the mobile world, how do we get them into our mobile world? Here […]

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10 Commandments of Typography

Posted on Sep 11, 15 in Blog

Originally posted by Fontyou Credit to Diane Pellotieri for illustrations, writer Valentine Proust, and Fontyou Typography needs moral but mostly aesthetic instructions. Here is a list of 10 Commandments of Typography, rules to follow and tips to know to be a better person, or at least a better graphic designer! 1. You shall not deform There […]

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Speak their language and their channel. 3 keys to Generational Marketing.

Posted on Aug 28, 15 in Blog Financial

Re-blogged from The Loan Generator. Let’s open up with a big caveat. Grouping any person into a category can be dangerous. Broad conclusions like Millennials are glued to their phones, Boomers are brand loyal, and Gen Xers are cynical can lead to tired, stereotypical messaging. There is some power that comes with focus. And breaking […]

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Using Technology to create better member experiences

Posted on Aug 25, 15 in Financial

Re-blogged from The Loan Generator™ The bar keeps getting set higher. The expectations for superior service continue to grow. An investment in the right technology will help you meet and exceed consumer expectations. Consumers are more informed and more connected than ever. With the blinding speed of banking technology advancement and new online offerings, keeping […]

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Direct Mail Has a Greater Effect on Purchase Than Digital Ads

Posted on Aug 14, 15 in Blog

This is a great article, originally posted at dmnews.com A Temple University neuromarketing study finds that direct mail tops digital media for engagement time, recall, and ultimate purchase. An in-depth neuroscientific study sponsored by the Postal Service Inspector General’s office (OIG) found direct mail ads to be superior to those viewed online in eight out […]

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2015 DMA Response Rate Report: Direct Mail Outperforms All Digital Channels Combined By Nearly 600%

Posted on May 12, 15 in Blog

Reblogged from iwco.com 2015 DMA Response Rate Report: Direct Mail Outperforms All Digital Channels Combined By Nearly 600% Data on current direct mail response rates is one of the most popular topics on our blog, and for good reason, as companies look to get the most out of their marketing dollar. We’re happy to report […]

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Top 4 Marketing Considerations for 2015

Posted on Jan 27, 15 in Blog

With the ever-changing landscape of communication media, marketers have new challenges and opportunities for 2015. Your business’ ability to adapt to what some would call an upheaval in marketing best practices will be vital to your overall success. So what’s the focus for 2015? 1. Prove your worth. We know marketing is effective, but now […]

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Marketing Planner 2015

Posted on Dec 10, 14 in Blog

Thanks for coming by to get your complimentary marketing plan calendar.  Please complete the form below and download your 2015 Marketing Planner.

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