Is “Thank You” now a Catch Phrase?

Posted on Nov 27, 13 in Blog

In our busy world the please and thank yous have lost their way.

If you think about it, the use of the word “please” is totally self-centered. Would you “please” …(finish the sentence) do something for ME?

Giving thanks on the other hand is the exact opposite. Sure, they often go together. But considered separately they are coming from two very different places.

The act of giving thanks is humbling. And it should be.

It takes humility to acknowledge and then express genuine thanks. The fact is, we as individuals are unable to survive without others in our personal, professional and for most of us our spiritual lives.

At Starbucks this morning (a rare treat for me) I thanked the clerk for her work to create my drink. But that’s what most people do. It’s a natural reaction.

The true meaning of thanks is so much greater. If anything, we have desensitized it, trivialized it and marginalized it in our fast-paced world.

Does it fall into the category of “catch phrase?”

My “thanks” for the cup of coffee this morning doesn’t mean the same as the thanks that my sick friend is offering to his recent bone marrow donor as he fights for his life battling leukemia. Few things do.

Do the words even exist to describe a thank you of this sort?

Tomorrow, as we collectively give thanks for all that we receive throughout our lives, let’s not let the simple words of thanks allow us to skip past the deep reflection that the act of thanking allows us to do.

It should take us to another level. We should FEEL it.

Take the time to do it right. Allow yourself the chance to experience the transformative power that a heart-felt thank you offers.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving Day!