Turn your new accounts into great accounts!

Posted on Jun 22, 11 in Blog

Seeking new consumer relationships is much like the reality TV show, The Bachelorette. You must win the heart of the prized consumer, while fighting off a large number of equally interesting competitive suitors. How to do it? How do you romance new relationships?

Level 1. You Must Get Noticed

It’s difficult to differentiate yourself (and your company) within a crowded landscape. What makes you stand out? What gets you noticed? How are you getting your message out?

How do you “catch the eye” of these prospects. How do you encourage them to open up to your company’s “advances”?

Different is good. Same is boring. Are you the apple among all the oranges screaming out “pick me, pick me”?

Level 2. Deliver a positive initial experience. Deliver on your promise.

When consumers make their very first connection with you, it has to be meaningful. You are being compared to every other potential suitor in the universe…from Bank of America, to Bank of Mom and Dad.

Are you memorable? Or, does the experience with you feel like it does at most financial institutions… you are part of their “errands list” for the day.  Something they have to get through, instead of looking forward to.

Without creating some meaningful interaction in step 2, most relationships won’t develop any further.

Level 3. Exceed expectations. Increase the interest level

Think about your own experiences in life and love. Think about the trial and errors of the dating game. Remember how one person simply paid more attention to you… or treated you nicer than your other suitors? It’s the little things that matter.

The attention you received made all the difference. Most likely your affections moved in that direction as well…unless you like pain and suffering but that is an entirely different discussion.

Those that exceed expectations, who meet our needs, who pay closer attention to us, who make us a major priority in their life, generally receive that attention and interest back.

Level 4. A commitment of epic proportions – LOVE

Your best accounts, those that have a large number of products and services with you have already made the same commitment. They LOVE you!

But this isn’t the end of the road. Many couples fall in love, get married, and fall out of love.

It’s up to you to keep the love alive. Every day. How you treat them. How you care for them. It’s all up to you.

Some companies reward their best accounts. They send them birthday cards, provide for them when the chips are down.  There are random acts of kindness that help to break through and differentiate when compared to the services from other companies.

What do you do?

Level 5. Can’t live without you

You’ve heard about the old married couples that finish each other’s sentences,

There are stories of people that don’t have to communicate because they practically read each other’s minds.

Maybe your parents were like that. Maybe you and your spouse are like that. These people have reached such a symbiosis that they are truly one. Much like a Siamese twin that can’t survive without the other.

Imagine your company so fully integrated into your client’s life that they simply can’t find a replacement.

That’s the goal. Build a relationship that is so strong, so deep, that it is impenetrable from the outside. Yet, it’s so complete, that virtually all their financial wants and needs are met.

Today many financial relationships are up for grabs because some companies fell out of love with their clients.

Now that you have a host of prospective new clients at your doorstep, what are you planning to do Romeo?

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