Students Teach this Valuable Marketing Lesson

Posted on Jul 22, 14 in Blog

studentsrecent study * conducted by Brigham Young University finds that when it comes to learning, print materials are superior to their digital counterparts. 74% of students surveyed indicated they learn better from print and 99% report that when trying to study on an electronic device, they are distracted by e-mails, social media and web surfing.

If print is superior to electronic formats when it comes to education, the same principle would apply to marketing communication, which is essentially a form of education.

Whether it is to convey a brand promise or convince a reader why a product or service is superior to the competition, marketing is about education.   Yes it’s education crafted out of an expressed interest, but the goal is still to deliver knowledge.

I learn best without any distractions, but it’s a crowded, flashy world wide web out there. While viewing any given web page, I’m just a nanosecond away from shifting my attention to a banner ad or to an alert indicating I’ve received a new message.

With paper in hand, you not only have my undivided attention, but you’re communicating with me in the medium best suited for retention.

While digital media do offer benefits of their own, the significance a printed message carries is a foundation that won’t be undermined.

Just as students learn best from paper, marketers educate best with print.


-Nicole Johnson



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