Every Minute a Memory in the Making

Posted on Apr 20, 12 in Blog

Some of life’s most memorable moments are found in places where you least expect it. The mindset is that the chores of our daily life are expected to be completed with some cost in time and drudgery. Traditional chores… are by tradition…chores.

Unfortunately, many people view their purchases and errands as chores…something to complete.  But taking a traditional “chore” and converting it to a memorable experience might not be as hard as you’d expect.

This morning while going through a security check (X ray, shoes off – you know the drill) one of the guards starts busting out “Listen to the Rhythm of the Falling Rain” an old tune from Ricky Nelson circa 1960s. (For those of you that might wonder, he is the father of the Nelson twins). So he starts singing and I chime in and start harmonizing. Before you know it, other people are humming along…and SMILES start appearing in the crowd…despite our off-key singing.

From frowns to smiles in a couple of minutes. Those in line expected nothing more than the traditional drill and had already assumed the stone-face requirement of someone waiting in a line.

So, how can you add zest to the mundane? Do you ever have any lines in your lobby? Are your clients having the same experience each time they interact with your company, or do you never stop exceeding their expectations?

Some of our clients have employed lots of ways to put a smile on the faces of their clients. Fresh baked cookies during a visit. Dog treats for the dog owners. Fresh lemonade handed out in the lines during the summer. You get the idea.

The element of surprise is important. It also helps if it is truly something that is pleasing to the recipient and helps to build your brand.  If you’re going to have the staff sing, you might try some auditions first. Some people might not be as forgiving as the group this morning.

Mark DeBellis