Comfort is an Enemy of Consumer Acquisition

Posted on Dec 15, 11 in Blog

I’m guessing that you experience the same dynamic as I do. Once in a while, the wife and I go out to check out the new model homes. Of course there are fewer new homes than there used to be.

The experience goes something like this… you walk through the new homes and notice all the new appliances, new treatments, upgrades, flooring, etc. There is a lot of “ooohs” and “ahhhs”.

Then you return home to find all the things wrong with your own house. It can be very depressing! By nature, we humans become comfortable with what is familiar in our own world… until we look outside and compare.

The comparison provides perspective.

Imagine that experience for the consumer that is coming into your business for the first time. Maybe they have been shopping for a new relationship and have been in and out of other offices. And now they walk into yours. What will be their experience? Will they experience the wide-eyed wonderment that they would as if they were walking into a new model home? Or, as they “experience” your operation, would they feel that you come up short compared to other options?

You must stay ever vigilant in looking at your business through the eyes of the new client. How they see you is a reflection of how you look compared to all the other alternatives available in the marketplace. Don’t make the mistake of becoming too comfortable with what is familiar. Your acceptance of the familiar may be costing you!

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