Be Your Own Source of Inspiration

Posted on Mar 30, 12 in Blog

Marketers and creative professionals believe in the power of “the idea”. We have the ability to take an idea and turn it into an amazing communication program that is clever and engaging, and also helps to sell a product.

We are passionate people. Believers and visionaries. We absolutely LOVE what we do.

We have a creative process that might look a little too fun to be called “work”. From an objective point of view, others might view the creative process as “a waste of time”. After all, talking to one another, exploring off-the-wall concepts or even talking to ourselves may not be perceived as productive.

So how do we arrive at “the big idea”? There’s a saying that if you do things the same way you always have, you’ll continue to get the same results. That’s why you need to mix it up to come up with killer ideas. Get out of your comfort zone. To quote a favorite movie of mine, it’s time to “fly your freak flag”. For once, don’t be yourself. Put yourself outside of your normal routine. Step out of your shoes and into someone else’s. Be crazy. Act absurd. Do anything that’s NOT what you usually do.

New ideas grow from daily creative exercises. Here’s some easy things to do to keep your creative juices flowing:
-Say “hi” to every stranger who crosses your path
-Listen to a new genre of music
-Doodle for 5 minutes on a blank piece of paper
-Look through design magazines
-All day, talk in an accent
-Drive without a destination
-Write down your dreams

After this nonsense is put into regular practice, you’ll notice yourself thinking in new and different ways. You’ll start observing things you didn’t notice before. These new observances will give you a different perspective, which in turn gives you new ideas.

For a really creative solution, you need a creative environment. As a continuation of diverting from routine, surround yourself with inspiration. Rip pages out of magazines and pin them to the wall. Photos, fabrics, types of paper, anything. Literally adding color to your life will influence your mood and produce more inspired results.

Don’t let the mundane get in the way of a creative solution. Being creative starts with you and your approach to life and your work. Go for it.

Molly Hervey
Art Director
PSB Integrated Marketing