For non-profit groups, professional associations, and other member organizations,
PSB offers an integrated suite of tools and services. We call it our “Association Maximizer” plan.

Six coordinated strategies weave together in the Association Maximizer. Click on each to learn more:

  • Reader MAX: Bring your membership magazine alive with interactive content.
  • Member MAX: Build exciting membership campaigns to grow your organization.
  • Meeting MAX: Improve attendance with an integrated print/digital campaign.
  • Web MAX: Succeed in the digital marketplace with creative tools and techniques.
  • Donor MAX: Increase outreach and maximize revenue.
  • Data MAX: Discover a new approach to elections, surveys, and other data collection.

Choose just one of these programs, or use all of them. PSB’s Association Maximizer can help improve the quality of member communications, grow your customer base, and increase event participation. View our client list to see some of the associations already benefiting from Association Maximizer.

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