Jim Nazario

Mailhouse General Manager

What is your favorite quote?
“Don’t step over dollars to pick up pennies!”

Where is your happy place?
Faces Cove at Lake Havasu

If you could meet anyone (dead or alive) who would it be and why?
Ansel Adams – Creatively Inspirational

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

Are you sweet, or savory?

Whats your favorite smell?

What has been your greatest professional challenge/triumph in your career so far?
Entrusted with being General Manager of the Mailhouse

What profession would you not like to do?

If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?
What took you so long?

How many licks does it take to get to the middle of a tootsie pop?

If you could speak to one type of animal, what would it be?

What one thing that has happened in your life has made the biggest impact on who you are today?
Meeting my wife

Who has made the biggest impact on your life so far, and why?
My mother – pillar of strength and comfort.

What is your favorite tradition from your childhood, that you would love to pass on if you were to ever have children (or if they’re older, what one tradition did you pass on that was most important to you?)?
Watching “Christmas Story” every year.

What is your favorite color?

What would I find in your refrigerator right now?

If aliens abducted you and made you their leader what would be your first command?
Let’s Party!

If you could be any character in fiction, whom would you be?

If you could be a superhero, what would you want your superpowers to be?

If you had only six months left to live, what would you do with the time?

If you were a type of food, what type of food would you be?
Prime Rib

If you won $20 million in the lottery, what would you do with the money?