Our Data Security Practices

With PSB, you have complete confidence that your data receives security measures that are unprecedented in our industry. From the moment we begin working with you, until the time your communication piece leaves our facility – the processes and procedures that we have in place would make Fort Knox proud.

Why Security is Extremely Important to Us

One of the most critical elements of our new security measures and procedures is the ability of our clients to determine the safeness of their data with our firm. PSB has retained an outside operational, security management consulting firm to review and assess our operation and develop a comprehensive policy and procedure document which addresses such concerns as: risk assessment, database encryption, virus protection, physical security controls, logs/ tracking, workflow processes, disaster recovery, training, hiring, recurring site audit checks, system penetration testing and network vulnerability assessment, incident response plans, customer awareness, privacy applications and others as well.

You can download a PDF on our security practices by clicking here.